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DONOVAN Wins EEDC Achievement Award: Celebrating Recognition in Edmonton




The Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC) hosted its Annual Awards Luncheon today at the Shaw Conference Centre in beautiful downtown Edmonton.

President and Chief Creative Officer Michael Donovan accepts award

In addition to Edmonton’s economy being awarded an overall “A-minus”
grade, there were three categories that guided the EEDC’s strategic objectives in selecting this year’s recipients of the esteemed award:

  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Recognition

The Recognition Award celebrates organizations that bring extensive positive awareness and sustained name recognition of Edmonton. DONOVAN came out on top in the recognition category by consistently raising the profile of Edmonton businesses, which has helped shine a light on the excellence and opportunities in this market for new business partnership and growth.

DONOVAN achieved this through internationally focused, award-winning branding and strategic marketing campaigns that highlight Edmonton economic drivers and service excellence. Our work in award-winning campaigns for Edmonton International Airports and the Edmonton Public Library has increased Edmonton’s visibility on a global scale.

The Campaigns:

Edmonton International Airport

We’ll Move You

DONOVAN built a globally competitive brand, grew international awareness with customers and partners to attract more passengers, increase non-stops, and new revenue opportunities. Using our brand methodology, our research findings and the goals, mission and vision of EIA, we recommended making EIA a service excellence leader, always striving to ‘Move you.’ This was the genesis of EIA’s brand promise – ‘we’ll move you.’

Stop the Calgary Habit

Edmonton International Airport had a problem: every year, approximately 750,000 flights from a market of approximately one million people that could have flown out of Edmonton chose to drive three hours south to Calgary.

DONOVAN was tasked with changing the purchasing behaviour of 7,500 people in year one — all of whom didn’t see the problem or didn’t care.  Within six months of launch, DONOVAN succeeded in not only reaching the campaign goal of 1%, but exceeded it by three to four times. We had affected leakage by between 3% and 4%, which translated into a drive leakage reduction of between 22,500 and 30,000 (which means 22,500 to 30,000 more people flying from EIA than prior to the campaign). This translated into an estimated $600,000 to $750,000 in new revenues in airport fees alone for EIA in the first six months of the campaign. Traffic to the campaign microsite reached 2,000 visitors a day in the first four months of the campaign. Significantly, there was also a 21% increase in flights for the winter season, a direct result of the campaign.

Edmonton Public Library

Spread the Words

EPL is one of the world’s leading library systems. They needed a new brand and outreach campaign to reflect their modern services and their relevance to Edmonton beyond books on shelves.

DONOVAN built an internationally recognized brand that tells the story of EPL’s modern reality and uses it as a platform to grow greater public awareness of the wide range of digital media collections, programs, services and events offered by this essential community service.

These awards grew EPL’s reputation to the point that libraries around the world are calling on Edmonton’s library to consult with them on how they reinvented the image of the library system in Edmonton.

Further information on these and other award-winning campaigns can be found here.

DONOVAN extends sincere congratulations to Quantium Technologies  in the innovation category and Homeward Trust Edmonton in the leadership category.

Elaine Manning is a Social Media Strategist at DONOVAN. Comments on this post or suggestions for future topics are welcome.

4 Responses to DONOVAN Wins EEDC Achievement Award: Celebrating Recognition in Edmonton

  1. “Spread the Words” continues to be one of my favourite rebrands of all time. It’s so bright, beautiful and clever. (And it doesn’t hurt that I love EPL as well). Great job and congratulations!

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  3. Excellent! Congrats and continued success!

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